Sam to the rescue.

My Mother’s 16th birthday present in 1946 was a Borsendorfre Strauss baby grand (circa 1908), unfortunately it was not allowed into the house until it was painted white to match the existing décor. It was regularly played and maintained over the next 72 years. On the passing of my mother, the piano became mine and then I had to determine whether to take it back to its former glory or ultimately end up with a bit of historic furniture.

White went back to black, new strings, hammers, 170 hours of French polishing, the list was quite extensive. All of which was known well in advance and explained by Sam.

Sam, has a passion backed up with wonderful knowledge of his unique craft. On my part, there were a lot of unknowns and most importantly trust. What Sam said he would do, he did, the outcome was extra ordinary and do I trust Sam – implicitly. By the way he knows how to play the piano extremely well.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and most importantly I can now enjoy a beautiful musical instrument that also comes with a great history.

Thanks Sam and happy to be a referee.

Matt Nichols

July 2019

Dear Sam,

Our Playola Piano has been in the family since the early 1970’s and though almost 100 years old has never been restored. I have waited close to 20 years to get the Playola mechanism restored – I am so pleased that it has now been done.

No more exhausting crunches and endless squats for me. I have literally trimmed inches off my abs and hips – all while singing I might add – just by pedalling my newly restored Playola 🙂 It has been – it is so much fun.

My adult children, who hardly remember it ever working, my sisters and parents have once again been reacquainted with those good ol’ favourites like “Ooo what a beautiful morning” and “Yabba Dabba Honeymoon”. Seriously, we are absolutely delighted with the work you have done – from the beginning when quoting to the end when you came to do the final tuning.

Thank you so much!

Dianna McMahon, VIC

June 2018

The Bluthner Model 6 grand piano fully restored by Sam of Classic Piano Restorations arrived yesterday. It may have had “good bones” from when it was made in Germany 100 years ago, but that doesn’t make it an instrument that is technically and aesthetically perfect in all respects today. That’s what Sam does. A full restoration inside and out, from the smallest parts of the action to French polishing the case, has given this piano a new lease on life and one that will be enjoyed for many years. Sam was informative, forthright and easy to deal with. Happy to recommend him without hesitation.

Levente Jurth

March 2017

My family and I would like to thank you for the superb job you have done in restoring our old Beale piano. It brings so much pleasure to us to know that this piano, purchased by my Great-Grandfather in 1940, will now have a new life, thanks to your expertise.

The transformation is miraculous, both cosmetically and mechanically. The case and stool went from looking dull and scratched to glossy and glowing. It is a pleasure to see the grain and beautiful colours of the wood veneer, and your attention to detail in re-applying the branding was much appreciated. Our piano is also a joy to play and listen to. The action is smooth and consistent, and we can now appreciate its tone fully.

Thank you for the long hours you spent on our piano. We will enjoy it for many years to come, and I will be sure to recommend your services to anyone I meet in the future.

Selena Ahpee and family

October 2016

Sam Dwyer has provided professional piano technical services to Piano Time 109 York Street South Melbourne 3205 for the past 5 years. Sam is a first-class piano technician with both new and older pianos. His restoration services are first-class and he is an honourable and trustworthy businessman. Sam also provides the ultimate installation and technical support for Piano Disc player systems and Silent Piano systems. I am very pleased with Sam’s professionalism.

John Martin

Business Owner, Piano Time

Sam Dwyer of Classic Piano Restorations provided us with excellent service in transporting, restoring and retuning our heritage Wertheim upright piano. After reshaping hammers, treating the ivories, pedals, cleaning and regulating, the piano is ready for a new generation. He also organised safe transport after restoration to our son’s home interstate. A highly recommmended service!

R. Pugsley

Trafalgar, VIC

When our Blüthner grand piano finally arrived in our city apartment, it immediately became the pièce de résistance, not least because of the miracle that Sam Dwyer had wrought on this beautiful antique piece.

Its burr walnut case gleamed warmly like it had never done before, and inside the case, the piano’s workings showed the full extent of Sam’s craftsmanship. The case, keys, frame, sound board, strings and hammers had all been restored to their former glory and when Sam came to tune it, the sound was round and rich, ready for many hours of pleasurable playing.

Sam’s holistic approach to this instrument should recommend him to anyone wanting to restore their piano to enjoy now and in the years to come.

Sonja Karkar

Melbourne, 2013