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Sam and the team at Classic Piano Restorations has had extensive experience restoring and servicing Steinway pianos, and Sam is an Authorised Steinway Technician with 20 years’ experience in piano restoration and repair.

Steinway pianos are amongst the best quality pianos ever made; and in terms of financial investment, yield the biggest increase in value of any brand following a substantial restoration of the internals and cabinet.

With all restorations it is important to use the best quality materials available, such as hammers, strings, action components. With these pianos, it is crucial that genuine Steinway materials are used as much as possible in the restoration process.

Depending on the project, we may spend 200 – 300 hours restoring a Steinway grand or upright. But the meticulous, fastidious work and use of genuine parts will see the end result being a beautiful piano restored to near-new condition in terms of appearance, tone, touch and tuning stability – ready for decades more enjoyment.

We can fully tailor your restoration project to whichever specific requirements you may have, with full transparency on the project’s progress and access to inspect whenever you wish.

If you have a Steinway that you need brought back to its former glory – you have come to the right place. Enquire today by calling Sam on 0413 311 694, or using the contact form.

Recent Projects

Steinway Model O

Steinway Model B

Sam is THE most professional piano technician I’ve ever met in Melbourne. He arrives to appointments on time and offers great advice.

I have an old Steinway and Sons model B and it required some major work in order to be able to sing like it once did.

During the initial inspection, Sam took down pages of notes and went into the details to explain to me on what needed to be done. The quote was free.

During the restoration period Sam gave me a clear timeline on when he will be ordering the parts and the delivery of my piano all the way through to the finishing date. It was hassle-free for me as Melbourne Piano Movers (Great service btw) took care of the delivery and Sam took care of the rest. He’s timeline was so accurate, amazing!

It was very easy to contact Sam. Via email, SMS or phone call, he always responded to me within the same day. Sam also organised inspection time for me to come into the workshop and sent me photos during the restoration period to keep me up to date.

I am very happy to have Sam working on my Piano, he’s attention to detail and amazing skills have brought my piano back to life. Sam also did tons of research while working on my piano and explained the history behind the piano to me.

I will only have Sam working on my piano from now on.

{Testimonial sourced from Google Reviews – find it here}

D Huo

I would highly recommend Sam’s work from Classic Piano Restorations. His attention to detail, genuine advice and thorough craftsmanship doesn’t go unnoticed. Sam has been in the business since 1999, almost 20 years experience. He arrived on time, with no cancellations. Providing a full service to our Steinway piano.

{Testimonial sourced from Google Reviews – find it here}

C Tiger