Bosendorfer Strauss Restoration

1908 Bosendorfer Strauss

This lovely old Bosendorfer recently went back to its owner after having an extensive restoration of the internals and case. Some time during the 1950’s it became a white piano – unsurprisingly the owner wanted it returned to its original high gloss black French Polished finish. We put in around 300 hours into this one, and the end result is a beautiful piano that will be around for at least another 50 years for more generations of enjoyment!

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Sam to the rescue.

My Mother’s 16th birthday present in 1946 was a Borsendorfer Strauss baby grand (circa 1908), unfortunately it was not allowed into the house until it was painted white to match the existing décor. It was regularly played and maintained over the next 72 years. On the passing of my mother, the piano became mine and then I had to determine whether to take it back to its former glory or ultimately end up with a bit of historic furniture.

White went back to black, new strings, hammers, 170 hours of French polishing, the list was quite extensive. All of which was known well in advance and explained by Sam.

Sam, has a passion backed up with wonderful knowledge of his unique craft. On my part, there were a lot of unknowns and most importantly trust. What Sam said he would do, he did, the outcome was extra ordinary and do I trust Sam – implicitly. By the way he knows how to play the piano extremely well.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and most importantly I can now enjoy a beautiful musical instrument that also comes with a great history.

Thanks Sam and happy to be a referee.

Matt Nichols

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