Gaveau Restoration


This rare art deco style Gaveau was made in France in the 1930’s. It was completely re-veneered in Macassar Ebony, then French Polished. It was also fully rebuilt internally. Following that it was fitted up with a PianoDisc electronic player system. Controlled anywhere in the house off an ipad this piano can play thousands of pieces, from classical to rock and everything in between!

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August Forster

This beautiful old top quality German upright was in dire need of restoration. The full beauty of it’s burl Walnut veneer really shows through following French Polishing.

Bechstein model A

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Bechstein model B

This C. Bechstein ‘gate leg’ model B grand underwent a complete restoration. Finished in Ebony the case required a huge amount of man hours to bring it up to the smooth high gloss finish that French Polish produces.

Bluthner 'Style 10'

This lovely old Bluthner semi-concert grand underwent a huge transformation from the un-playable state it was in, to having a superb rich warm tone and a light touch. The burl walnut cabinet is... read more

Steck Pianola

This Steck Duo Art Pianola was made in America in 1930. It was completely restored, inside and out. Factory fitted with an electric pump this piano is unique in that it is an expression Pianola which… read more

Haines Player

This American made Haines was built in the late 1920’s when Player Pianos/Pianolas were the must have item in all households. The original Ampico Player action was meticulously… read more